Image result for image of grocery bag heart shape valentine collectorValentine Heart Craft

It’s not too late to get the kids engaged in Valentine’s crafts. Here’s a super simple heart-shaped valentine holder you children or students can make from an old grocery bag. We decorated ours by stamping with sponges, but you could personalize them any way you’d like!

Materials for Valentine Heart Craft

  • Brown paper grocery bag
  • Scissors
  • Single hole punch (I LOVE this with a single hole puncher. It can punch through quite a bit with very little effort. Very handy when you’ve got a lot of hole punching to do!)
  • Yarn
  • Tempera paint
  • Circle shaped sponge


Directions for Valentine Heart Craft

1. Cut the front and back sections off of a brown paper grocery bag. Cut one large heart out from each piece so you have two paper bag hearts.

2. Decorate your paper hearts. We use a circle shaped sponge to stamp circles on our hearts  with tempera paint, but you could easily just cut a circle out from a kitchen sponge.

3. Once the paint has dried, stack your two hearts and use a single hole puncher to punch holes along the sides and bottom of the hearts.

4. Cut off a long piece of yarn and use it lace the two hearts together.

5. Tie the string together at the top for hanging.

Use your heart valentine holder to collect all your valentines!


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